Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The great unknown...

One of the questions that has been making the rounds is 'Why do the Joey-Lovers have all this love for Joey?' The arguement is that he has shown nothing in his nearly 3 years of starting that give any indication that he'll be even mediocre. I tend to disagree with that assessment, but I'm not ready to annoint him the Lions savior either. Here is my opinion on Joey...

It's not love for Joey, it's common sense that as much as we want to, we can't separate the QB from his team. It's a classic chicken and egg scenario - were his stats mediocre because he is a mediocre QB, or because he had mediocre talent to work with? Based on imperical evidence, I lean toward the later - that the talent had a lot to do with it. I just don't know if it was all of it, most of it, or slightly more than 50% of it.

Think of it this way - If his receivers the past three years were that good, why can't any of them that have left the team get and hold an NFL WR job? Where is Scotty Anderson playing? Az Hakim? Bill Schroeder?

How can you judge the QB when his two best receivers have played a combined 9 games between them at full strength? CRog played 5 full games at 100% his rookie year, Roy played 4 full games at 100% his rookie year.

How can you judge a QB when his starting receivers change every game? When you run a timing passing game like the WCO, you often throw the ball before a receiver makes his break. If you don't know from week to week which receiver you'll be throwing to, and therefore when that receiver will make their break, and where they'll run the route to, it sure does make a QB look like they're throwing a bad ball, simply because they can't anticipate their WR's route because they haven't worked enough with that receiver.

How can you judge a QB when he has only just begun to get a running game? When KJ finally broke 100 in week 10 last year, it was the first 100 yard rushing game by a Lions RB in Joey's 2.5 years starting.

How can you judge a QB when their O-Line is a sieve? This pre-season has been a microcosm of the past few years - Joey running for his life on a 3 step drop. Only in the past he would throw the dreaded 'checkdown' or throw it away instead of taking a sack - something I always thought was a ridiculous criticism.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not saying Joey is a great QB, or that he even will be a good QB. I'm saying that we still have no idea how good he can or will be. And we really won't have a good idea until after a few games into this season. If he isn't running for his life and has an OK running game (a step down from what KJ did last year), and he stinks up the joint, then I think we have the evidence we need. If we see a marked improvement from previous seasons, I think we'll also have an answer. But it's foolish to think that we know the answer yet.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your points, at this time we don't know. As I have said on the board numerous times, he has shown flashes, the Atlanta, NYG, Minnesota games to name a few where he showed the poise the decision making, leadership and accuracy needed. Yet he also has showed the opposite, so at this point I don't know, I think he can, but it is premature to annoint him as a "great" qb just like it is premature to call him a "failure". Frustrating yes, just like the entire team!

Good comments,although I am sure that some will say you are just giving more excuses at the end.


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that the problem with the Lions offense is the coaches and the lack of experience or effort from the fabled 3 WR. The lack of imagination on the offensive play calling hurts this team worse then anything.

I also have no doubt the John Joseph Harrington is the QB that can take us to the big game and win. He has the heart and the drive. I haven't seen a Detroit Lions QB with more tenacity and toughness ever. If Mooch screws this kid up, he should never be able to coach again, ever.