Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lionbacker Fantasy Football Blog

I'm considering an informal tie-in of my blog to the guys at Lionbacker. They have a blog here on Blogger as well, related to fantasy football. It's at Lionbacker Fantasy Football Blog and they have some decent stuff on there. If I were to tie in, I'd likely get a Lionbacker logo and a few of their additional links Since I'm anything but a html genius, it may take a while before anything happens. In any case, I'll probably be posting more often with my Lions thoughts. Especially now that I've found a few of these new tools - the Blog This button and the e-mail new posts methods. Should be fun...

1 comment:

Lionbacker said...

Uncle Miltie - you run a great blog here and we would be honored to tie you into the LB family. Just drop me a line if you are still interested.