Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lions receivers point...

I saw this a few days ago - it's from the Mike O'Hara weblog in the Detroit News. I believe that even more up-to-date would be that Hakim was cut as well, and Swinton was signed off of waivers by the Cardinals. Not sure yet if any of the others have been re-signed elsewhere yet.

Lions Weblog - The Detroit News Online - 09/13/05: "Cuts -- the receivers: Scanning the waiver wire, these were some of the players cut, waived, released on Saturday: David Kircus and Scottie Vines of the Lions. Reggie Swinton, who was on the roster for the final game last year. Az Hakim made it in New Orleans, but didn't play in a single exhibition game because of a hamstring injury. Tai Streets is out of football. Kircus, Vines, Swinton and Roy Williams played receiver in the final game last year. Streets and Hakim were inactive. Only Roy Williams and Hakim are on rosters this year. You wonder why Harrington had trouble completing passes last year?"

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