Monday, August 29, 2005

Game Notes - Preseason vs Rams: UGH-LY...

Looks like it's paper-bag time again in Motown. That had to be one of the worst performances I've seen in a long time. I must keep reminding myself "it's only preseason", but it's hard to believe that the team can flip a switch and be significantly better in 2 weeks against Green Bay. Where to begin...

Well, Where I always say the game starts and ends is with the O-Line. This game started and ended with our O-Line forgetting this this was a game, not a 'no-touch' practice. Dominic Raiola got owned in this game as he completely missed his assignment at least 3 times, got called for a holding on a screen pass, and just didn't get anything done. Backus whiffed a few times as well. Butler looked like the inexperienced guy he is, and DeMulling had another sub-par game. There was no decent pass blocking, no decent run blocking, and a lot of stupid penalties. Ouch.

The next problem is something that must be remedied - KJ couldn't pick up fat ass Claiborne on a blitz. Here we dumped that ball a few years back, and he's proven to be worthless with the ViQueens, and then he bowls over KJ. I just don't get it. KJ has to improve there, and soon.

Now we get to the pitch-n-catch game. This looked like last season in a microcosm. There were a few balls that were dropped, Joey threw behind a few receivers, and everything just looked off. It appears that one of my biggest fears about JH is a valid one - he gets gun-shy when he gets hit too often. He absolutely got pounded back there, getting hit on 3 step drops, sacked several times before he could even set his feet, having the pocket collapse on him. When he gets into his gun-shy mode is when he is throwing off his back foot, and starts underthrowing his receivers. And with the pressure the Rams put on him, it shouldn't be any wonder that he got gun-shy. And after all of that, the dropsies came back. Here I thought Pollard was supposed to have sure hands, and he let one hit him on the shoulder pads and bounce off. CRog lost concentration a few times as well.

Finally we get to the running game. Perhaps the only game facet that didn't look too bad was KJ. Unfortunately, when he gets blown up behind the line of scrimmage, it's kinda hard for him to get any positive yardage. Of course he positives were severly brought down by the bad blitz pickup. Ugh.

On the D side, I am going to make this my calling card - WE NEED COREY SIMON!!! Millen - go get the guy and sign him NOW. And while you're at it, would you care to find a few more CB's as well? And perhaps a backup safety as I never want to see Bracey Walker on a football field again. Once again, he got toasted for a quick six for Isaac Bruce after he missed a zone coverage switch. We saw him miss that play enough times last year, did we really need to see it again? Speaking of D-Backs, where the heck were they? The Rams receivers were consistently open all game. Bulger had not only plenty of time to throw, but he had receivers without defenders within 10 yards of them on several occasions. I turned off the game around the start of the 4th quarter, and the Rams still had not punted. That should say it all.

Were there any positives? Off hand, I'd say no. Well, maybe the D did look like they forced a few turnovers, only to have a few called back by stupid penalties. The penalties were hideous. We may have the only team I know of that can get 1st and goal on the 5, and somehow run two plays and end up with 1st and goal on the 25. And Hanson looked good kicking those field goals. Ugh.

Is it too late for me to change my season prediction?

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Korrowan said...

I do not understand the zone coverage with this team... we have failed with it for years... zone is a change up in scheme to throw off the QB. Man2man is how one of the best CB's in teh league got to the pro bowl... not this crappy zone stuff...

The lines on both sides of the ball failed us and that is where games are won and lost... nothing easier than that.