Friday, November 04, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm...

Does anyone else feel like this week has been really slow on the message boards, despite the fact that Joey will be starting once again on Sunday? I have gotten pretty bored reading the latest drivel as it seems like people are being very cautious about predicting anything before the ViQueens game. Maybe it has something to do with the Queens lousy record after their bold "we'll be playing in Detroit in January" pre-season predictions. Maybe it's the loss of Culpepper for the season. Whatever the case, it sure has been slow.

From this Lions fan's perspective, I think it's mostly due to the uncertainties about #3. We've heard the rumblings that he's looked pretty good in practices. We've heard that maybe he'll be throwing it downfield more often. But overall the fan base is still very suspicious about what we'll see out of Joey. The Lovers are being optimistic, but ever so cautiously. The haters are keeping their hate a bit more reserved. Maybe this has to do with seeing the O for what it really is when Garcia was playing – not a singular issue with only Joey. It sure has been quiet though.

I'm guessing that this is simply the calm before the storm. There is so much uncertainty with the teams prospects for this weekend since DrĂ© and Baby once again look like they won't play, and iRoy seemingly isn't 100% (what else is new...). Captain Bong-toke (CRog) is back, but apparently not starting. We'll see how long that lasts – especially if Joey is serious about throwing the long ball. There are so many things that make for an uneasy feeling going into this game that the usual suspects are taking their time and not chirping too much one way or another.

But that should all change slightly after kickoff on Sunday. Whichever way the game unfolds, it will embolden one group of fans, and they will begin to make a LOT of noise. If the offense looks stagnant still, the haters and Mooch bashers will be out in full force. If the D gives up a ton of points, the Juaron haters will come out of the woodwork once again. If the O starts to actually look impressive, the Lovers will be out in droves. If it's a back and forth game, it could be all of the above.

IMHO, I'm as perplexed about what we'll see in this game as any time in the last few years. There are too many unknowns. My honest hope is that the benching helped JH out, and he starts playing up to his ability level. If he does, he represents the best chance long term for the Lions to win. If not, he's basically cemented his fate with Mooch at the helm (which is of course a completely different subject).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

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mike sloat said...

You're comment regarding the cold light of reality hitting is on the mark. The offensive line needs drastic help, play calling is something out of a highschool playbook - 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Of course it takes more than 3 yards each play to be successful.

It really doesn't matter anymore. How did Joey hear about starting - the media. Way to go coach! It has appeared that the way this coach and staff prepare is to use the WCO regardless of anyone's talent. The old square peg in the round hole school of thought.