Saturday, October 08, 2005

Reefer Madness

Doesn't the title say it all? Before the drug test issue cam up, I was going to write a blog entry about how CRog should put up or shut up. Now I'm just going to write that he should shut up. His career here with the Lions has been one disapointment after another. He started off with a bang, scoring 2 TD's vs the Cards in his first game. Then he broke his collarbone after a bye-week practice entanglement with Dre Bly, and only made it through 5 games his rookie year.

His second year, he only lasted 3 plays before breaking the same collarbone.

Now, in his 3rd year, he starts off by sulking about losing his flanker spot to Roy Williams, he lets it effect his game play, and now he get suspended for 4 games for a 3rd substance abuse violation?

His career totals for 3 seasons:
9 games started, 27 catches for 327 yards and 3 TD's

He already was skating on thin ice for his comments about the franchise and questioning if he fits into their future plans. Throw on the drug suspension, and this kid has done about everything wrong and had about as many bad breaks as any single person can have.

And the worst thing is that he brings it on himself.

He doesn't need to complain in the press aobut his future with the team. He doesn't need to sulk on the field about not getting the ball. He needs to get out there and play his hardest, SHOW the world he's the best receiver on the team (which he may well still be FWIW), and earn his way back into our good graces.

And then he gets busted for what most people believe is Marijuana. He'll miss 4 games, and he may not get his #2 WR job back from BMW when he returns. Just what he needs while he's bitching about not being the #1 receiver is to make him #3.

And just to add insult to injury, had he not failed the drug test, he would have had a perfect opportunity to regain his flanker spot with Roy out and hurt. The exact opportunity he craved he missed because of his inability to control himself. And by the time he gets back, everyone else will probably be healthy. Of course with the way Roy gets hurt, there will be other opportunities, but he'll have to wait again.

Hopefully, he learns his lesson from sitting out 4 weeks without pay. I wouldn't bet on it. He sat out most of the last two seasons and he doesn't look like he's learned a thing.

Dumb, just dumb.

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