Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quick note...

Wow, I've gotten hits like crazy since Scout.com published my game notes last night. Since I don't want the comments to get overcrowded with spam, I changed the switch that only allows you to leave a comment if you're registered with blogger. Sorry, but the spam had gotten ridiculous already.

Also, if you have a Lions related link you think I should add to the links to the right, post them in a comment. I'll try to get the good ones added. No need to leave links for the obvious ones like ESPN, CBS, Fox, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc.

Have fun, and please remember, this is only my opinion. I'm not an expert, just a fan. :)


alchar256 said...

Hi, it always amaze me how much info I can see over the blogs. Great job, I will return
Uncle Miltie - Nail Fungus

BS Family said...

what does IMHO stand for? i see a lot of acronyms but don't know them. is there a list somewhere?

i enjoy your insights!