Saturday, September 11, 2004

Old Stuff - The Boss Ross Disaster

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to add a few of my older analysis of the Lions to the blog. Here is my post on how badly Bobby Ross hurt the Lions and how he really is to blame for the 10-38 record...

Originally posted on M-Live Lions message board 12/10/03
I've done a lot of thinking about why this team has had to endure three years of utter futility, and I see three primary reasons. The first is the complete lack of NFL Players from our drafts during the Bobby Ross era. It is an accpeted truth in the NFL that you draft 1st rounder to be immediate starters, 2nd rounders to soon be starters, and 3rd rounders to be eventual starters. Later rounds are usually drafted to provide depth and an occasional starter. Usually the players drafted 3-8 years back form the core of a team, with a few older vets, and a few younger bucks comprising the starters on a particular team.

With that in mind, I went back and looked at the Lions 1st through 3rd round draft choices and where they are now during the Bobby Ross years. When I looked at the Lions draft history, I was amazed at how completely inept the Lions were during Bobby Ross' tenure as Coach. Here is a listing of Boss Ross' draft history with the Lions, and how it has killed this team today...

1a- Reggie Brown - Neck Injury, out of football
1b - Jeff Hartings - Starting Center for Pittsburgh, wanted out of Detroit BAD
3 - Ryan Stewart - out of football, never made impact.

1 - Bryant Westbrook - IR for Packers - was dramatically improving at CB until achilles tendon tore, never the same since.
2a - Juan Roque - out of football - BUST!
2b - Kevin Abrams - out of football, probably still injured too.

1 - Terry Fair - out of football
2a - Germane Crowell - out of football
2b - Charlie Batch - backup QB for Steelers
7 - Chris Liewinski - Starting for Vikings - first of only 2 late round picks of Ross Era to pan out anywhere...

1a - Chris Claiborne - Starting MLB for Vikings - OK player, but overrated
1b - Aaron Gibson - Part-time starting RT for Bears - cut by 3 teams before sticking with Chicago this season.
3 - Jared DeVries - Backup DT for Lions
6- Clint Kriewaldt - backup LB for Pittsburgh - only other late round pick to do anything in the league...

1 - Stockar McDougle - Starting RT for Lions - took a while, but finally showing some of the promise a 1st rounder is supposed to have.
2 - Barrett Green - Starting WLB for Lions - frustrates me with lack of tackling, but good motor and speed.
3 - Reuben Droughns - backup RB for Denver

So there you have it. 5 years of misses and broken hopes. The totals - 15 1-3 round picks, 2 starters in Detroit, 2.5 starters elsewhere, 4 others on NFL rosters. Only 1 retired due to injury - Reggie Brown. Only 2 later round picks having any NFL impact of any sort. That's a horrible draft record in anyone's book. And in itself could explain why the Lions have been so bad the last three years. But there is more...

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