Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dog days no more...

Just a quick post since there really hasn't been any news in a long time related to the Lions - sounds like just about every other June, eh?

After 4 long years, it has finally happened. My buddy Mike and I got on the waiting list 4 years ago, and our number finally came up. We are now the proud season ticket holders in Section 117, row 37, seats 1-4 in Ford Field for the Detroit Lions. Yes, they're in the end zone, and nearly the top row in the lower deck. But after this long, beggars can't be choosers, right?

What is interesting to us is that the past three years, we moved down the list about 400 spaces each year. Last year, we sat at #892 in line when we got the letter, so we figured that we were likely 2-3 more years away from getting tix. This likely means a higher turnover rate for season ticket holders than in the past, so it's rather interesting. I'm not sure how far behind us the line went, but it would be very interesting if the Lions were close to not selling the joint out again.

In any case, I'll be tailgating and attending all the games this year, as well as TiVo'ing them, so I should be able to provide an even better perspective in my game notes. I'm pretty happy, so if you really want to show your geekishness, stop by section 117 on game day and say hi.

Oh, and now that I'm no longer just an observer, but a paying Lions supporter, I'll be deamnding results. I now have the right since I'll be helping pay those bozo's salaries...


Anonymous said...

I got my letter too (I think I was on the list for 3 years, only 2 seats though)

I'm section 241 Row 5, but I'm extremely happy and will be trying for upgrades every year.

Foosball Champ said...

Welcome to the inane circus at Ford Field!

You're close to our seats... Sec. 116, last row of the lower bowl, just behind the left goal post when looking at the field. Not bad seats at all. Close to beer and bathrooms.

Let's all pray the Lions show some improvement this season. I thought the fans were going to break out in a riot at some points of last season. Ugly.

If you need a place to tailgate, look us up. It's the only real form of entertainment we've had for a loooong time now.