Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Cleaning at the Body Shop

I've had this post sitting around for a little while, and figure it's time to publish it. There is likely more to add later, but this should do for now. I'll have my draft thoughts later this week...

It's the time of year to clean out the garage, open the windows, and get the house back into shape for the summer. Likewise, I need to clean up some misconceptions around here that may confuse people. I usually try to explain every blog entry in enough detail that they stand alone. But as I've been told (correctly, I might add), there are some prevailing themes that anyone who hasn't read this blog before would get an incorrect idea about my opinion. Therefore, it's spring cleaning time here at the Body Shop.

About me: First of all, I'm a fan of the Lions, nothing more. Although I wish I had inside access to the team, season tickets, and was on their payroll, unfortunately, I'm not. I'm a fan who watches every game religously. I have TiVo, and record the games as well. I use my TiVo to go back and re-watch the game and see what I may have missed the first time around, quite often looking at line play, and defensive protections - the things you really aren't focused on when watching live. It really helps shape my opinion to see what else is going on in the game besides just watching the QB and skill position players. Football is a team game, and the actions of any 1 of the 11 players on each squad can make a huge difference in the outcome of a play, drive, or game. So I go back to see what the other 15 players on the field that I wasn't focused on were doing.

Unfortunately, I rarely get to go to the games, but not for a lack of desire. I usually make it to about 2 games a year when I can somehow manage to get tickets. Finally about 3 years ago, the Boss (my wife, of course) told me to go ahead and get season tickets, so a good friend and I got in line. We were about 1000 people back in line for season tickets last year, and hopefully we'll move up enough to get them. I'm not holding my breath this year though.

As far as subject matters around here, I've had a few people ask me why I hate Tom "The Killer" Kowalski, Booth Newspapers Lions beat reporter, so much. Truth is, I don't hate Killer, I actually like reading his stuff. He does have some inside contacts with the Lions and gets some good info that I could only dream of getting. He writes a very informative column that is one of the best in the area. Where I do have an issue with him is when he begins to interject his opinion and rumors he hears as fact. He has a habit of doing this, and then only occasionally owning up to when he's wrong. If he's writing a column and it's labeled "Tom's Opinion", that's fine. But he interjects rumors he hears and his opinions into Lions game stories as if they were fact, and that just irks me, especially when I disagree with him.

For example, early last year, he claimed that 95% of the Lions offensive problems were Joey Harrington, and stated this as fact. He repeated this in his column, and on the Radio with Drew & Mike and also with Stoney & Wojo. My simple TiVo analysis of the games told me that the issue had much more to do than just Joey - Joey was not without blame, but there were failures in every aspect of the O that couldn't be blamed on Joey. Then Joey got pulled, and Garcia came in and made the same dumpoffs, same checkdowns, and got hit the same way Joey had. Garcia, a 3-time Pro Bowler in the exact same system with the same coach, looked every bit as bad and in many ways worse than Joey did running the O. It served to prove my point that Joey wasn't the only issue, and prove Killer wrong. But he never came back and admitted he was completely wrong with his "95% Joey" problem statement. This is what is frustrating aobut Killer.

Some people have also asked about me calling Roy Williams iRoy, and why I hate him. Again, I don't hate him, I just don't worship the ground he walks on. IMHO, he's an above average, bordering on great talent who makes the spectacular catch but drops the easy ones. He won't be a great player until he starts making the easy catches. That goes for a lot of other players as well, but Roy stands out because I hear so many people gushing about him.

That about does it for now. I'll make sure I answer any other questions that anyone else has.

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