Monday, May 23, 2005

Lions top 20 Players

This is an interesting concept - ranking the Lions top 20 players. I did one last year even if I didn't blog it, so this year, I'm blogging this one to put it on the record. My rankings from last year's top 10 are in ()'s...

1 S. Rogers (2) - Best in the league at his position.
2 K. Jones (7) - Could average 10 ypc with this O around him this year
3 D. Bly (4) - Hobbled through half the season and still made the Pro Bowl
4 C. Rogers (1) - PLEASE stay healthy... Monster season if he does
5 B. Bailey (3) - Lions would have won 3 more games had he played last season - think covering the TE's...
6 R. Williams (6) - As good as he was at times, the unexplained drops concerned me
7 D. Woody (5) - Drop has more to do with others moving up than him slipping
8 M. Williams - Was a man among boys when playing against the best in the nation at USC - could climb higher fast
9 J. Harrington (8 ) - my prediction: He WILL silence his critics this year - including me
10 E. Holmes - Showed me a lot more than I was led to believe prior to last season
11 M. Pollard - This guy is a perfect WCO TE
12 J. Hanson (9) - Sorry, I can't rate a special teamer ahead of those other guys
13 E. Drummond - Or another special teamer
14 K. Kennedy - I'll keep my fingers crossed that his big hits change the way receivers run near him
15 J. Hall - Do that again and I won't believe it was a fluke
16 D. Raiola - The second half of last year had better be the rule from now on, not the exception
17 T. Lehman - At least he's fast cause he was out of position a LOT and had to scramble to get back in position
18 F. Bryant (10) - This is a gift - He should be aobut 6 spots higher if he's not hurt
19 J. Backus - His game had better improve significantly if he wants to stay in town after this season
20 S. Cody - Welcome to the bigs, rook. Please move WAY up this list before midseason...

Hopefully everyone on this list deserves to move up a few spots be the end of the season. Anyways, it's still May, and hope still springs eternal...

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