Sunday, April 24, 2005

I'll take a pack of Trojans...

Well, it's been a while since I posted, but not because I've been silent. I've just been too busy to actively post everything I've been thinking about the Leo's. Well after the first day of the draft, here are my thoughts...

I was in my car in the drive thru at Taco Bell when the pick was made. Within about 15 seconds, my Cell rang - it was my brother and our conversation went something like this (my recollection of the conversation at least, not the actual words)...

Me: "HOLY F$%#!" (not even hello...)

Him: "I'm SHOCKED! I can't even describe it"

Me: "One second - I'll take 2 chili-cheese burritos and a large Dr. Pepper. - How the H#!! are teams going to cover these guys?"

Him: "S#!%, this team has more weapons than even the 'greatest show on turf' Rams!"

Me: "no kidding. I dang near drove into the speaker when I heard that pick"

Him: "What is the media saying about it there?" (He's in Chicago)

Me: "Well, some seem about as shocked and happy as we are, and some, well..." - as Baligian goes off on M&M "... Some think M&M are trying to put together a Fantasy Football team"

Him: "Hmmm... 3 STUD WR's, we pick up Kevin Johnson - best hands in the NFL, pick up Pollard, finally a STUD TE, and now how are teams going to put more than 7 in the box to stop KJ? D!@# is this gonna be a fun team to watch"

Me: "No Kidding. I'll call you when I finish my burritos".

And that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. We now have enough weapons that there is almost NO WAY that all of them could get hurt at the same time so that we have to start a 75% healthy WR and two kids from the practice squad in week 15.

Quick note to anyone questioning the pick - What position did we really NEED a starter at going into this draft? Maybe an upgrade at DE? An upgrade at FS? Sure, those were both areas we could improve in. But the real question - was there anyone at either of those positions worth drafting at #10? Nope - didn't think so. As much as I liked David Pollack, he wasn't worth a #10 pick. And if you have a choice between Mike Williams and Derrick Johnson, you have to go with BMW. Again, it's not an indictment of DJ, it's just that BMW is that dang good.

So Millen turned down a possible upgrade at OLB - even though we have 2 pretty good ones there already in Boss and Teddy (and no, Teddy did not look good in the middle last year) to pick up a WR that dang near everyone had going higher than we picked him at. I mean seriously, when all the experts can find to rip on you about is that you ran a 'slow' 4.55-40, that you haven't played football in 15 months, and that you will take up too much cap space at one position, they're really stretching for things to say bad.

Sorry 'experts', this pick just made this offense a matchup nightmare for every defensive coordinator in the league. You now have a nickle back covering either Roy, CRog or BMW, and only 7 in the box to try to slow down KJ. You put 8 in, and you have no help for the WR's. It's a nightmare situation for every D-Coord they will face.

Dang this team is going to be FUN to watch...

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