Monday, November 22, 2004

Too many breakdowns

Lose to Vikings 22-19.

where to begin...

I'm not going to defend Joey today. Honestly I don't think I need to. But since everyone wants to talk about all these "savior" QB's, let's put them into perspective with Joey. Here goes...

Joey - Inconsistent, seems to brain-lock at times.

Griese - Inconsistent, seems to brain-lock at times

Brees - prior to this year, Inconsistent, seems to brain-lock at times

Hasselbeck - Inconsistent, seems to brain-lock at times

McMike - get real - not a NFL caliber starting QB for any offense.

Couch - Inconsistent, seems to brain-lock at times

Notice a trend? All these QB's that have been mentioned as the "solution" to our problems all share a very common trait - INCONSISTENCY. Will any of them be a savior here? quite simply - NO. There are too many other things wrong for any available QB to come in and magically solve.

What is needed here is pretty simple
1. Health - CRog, Roy, Az, and Tai all to be healthy at the same time would be a nice change. With all of them healthy, it could make a huge difference for any QB. And while they're at it, how about eliminating the drops?

2. Good O-Line play. Backus has had a bad year, Loverne and Raiola should be gone, Woody is just now getting into game shape, and McDougle is inconsistent. That line is just a basket case. And here I thought Pat Morris was supposed to solve their problems. Sheesh...

3. Consistent running game. We had our first 100 yard rusher since Bryson put up 100 against KC last year, and only the 4th 100 yard rusher we've had in the last 3 seasons. Once teams have to start respecting our running game, it will open up the passing lanes. We'll get respect when we consistently run for 100 every week.

4. Better play calling. Let's see... the last two games, KJ has run very well, then we abandon the run in the 4th quarter. It just doesn't make sense...

5. Good DE's and OLB's. Our DE's and OLB's have been getting abused the last 4 games. Boss seems to cover TE's pretty well, but we haven't stopped a TE from killing us since the Giants game. How can we shut down Shockey and Crumpler, and then get torched by Witten and Wiggins?

6. No more shooting ourselves in the foot. The Leo's have shot themselves in the foot far too many times over the last 4 games with stupid, inopportune penalties. The officiating hasn't been good, but it's a poor excuse. How about we quit the late hits, unnecessary roughness, and personal fouls that have absolutely sunk several of our drives. What a novel concept...

Oh well, I just hope the Lions honor their tradition and play well on Turkey day, because this one looks like it could be embarrassing...

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